Wednesday, December 1, 2010

all is quiet

It has been a nice quiet couple of weeks. I have really enjoyed just spending time with my horse. He is quickly groomed and then we do a little work in the arena, then go eat some grass on a meandering walk. He is no longer favoring his leg when hand-walking or on the lunge, so we did a short little ride yesterday, it was nice to see the forest, how green it is getting, to feel the very brisk air. He seemed happy and ready to go...especially heading for home. It is dark way too early, it was 4:30 when I was coming back the road, and I put his blanket on in the dark.

I think it has been good to take a little break, it will be like this much of the winter anyway. A nice quiet break from monitoring and charting and expectations. I am hoping to do some very casual rides with friends, to get Major relaxed and walking along with other horses, so he is not expecting fast rides all the I guess I do have expectations!

It is cold and clear right now, I know Major likes to stand in the corner of his paddock where the sun hits first. When he is turned out after breakfast he'll have a good roll and spend the day with his friends. I'll arrive this afternoon, and he looks up when he hears my car. Deciding on whether to come to my whistle is a day-to-day decision, but he comes eventually, and we'll go in search of the sweet new grasses...

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