Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Horse cookies

I love to bake. But I certainly don't need more cookies to eat! And it was raining and yucky yesterday, so I found myself making horse treats.

First was the horse "popcorn" ball. A hard treat that you hang to make your horse's face all sticky and gross. But Major loves them. They involve making a candy-like sugar mixture and stirring in grain, etc. I used beet pulp, some oatmeal and corn meal. FYI: don't turn your back on the sugar mixture even for the time it takes to dig out the mini bundt will be cleaning your stove of burning sugar lava and setting off your smoke alarms.

The next was basic cookies. Molasses, water, salt, beet pulp, oatmeal and some sweet feed. Mix until disgusting looking and spoon into mini muffin pans. Cook until the house smells like a feed processing facility.

Major will pretty much eat any treat (but not mints of any kind). He only gets one of the cookies each time, so even though they're sugary it seems ok. I still like that they're not store bought and no preservatives.

Next time I am going to try a low-sugar treat with pumpkin in it. But I may wait till I can open some windows.

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