Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Neither wind, nor rain, nor hail...

"Neither wind, nor rain, nor hail, nor gloom of clouds, stays this rider from the swift completion of her appointed trails." -apologies to Herodotus, 503 B.C

The ride started out clear, and I thought last night the news said a break in the storm...very wrong. Walking up the road the rain started, pretty heavy. The clouds looked dark, but I was determined to ride. Major had a spring in his step, perked ears and seemed just as determined. Then the hail started.

At first I thought the rain was just coming down harder, but then little white balls are bouncing off of Major's mane, and the road was turning white. We were out in the open, no trees for shelter, so we just kept trotting. Luckily it didn't last long, but enough to get my unwise choice of summer-weight breeches soaked, wet socks and gloves. I thought once we were on the trail and moving I'd warm up.

Except the usually well-drained sand trail was mostly a creek. It makes sense that after a big storm like last night the water flows to the lake...on the most convenient path. At one point there was a waterfall going off the trail. So instead if a nice trotting ride we slogged through puddles.

The large puddles Major thinks are fun, the deeper the better. He sniffs and takes a lick (would hopefully drink if thirsty) out of all of them, and at one also did his scuba routine where he dunks his head over his eyes into the water. And that time he grabbed a small log/branch underwater, and picked it up. I had to remind him he is not a dog.

The rest of the muddy puddles he'd rather avoid, but we worked on walking through them. We did get a little trotting in, though my cold legs made for some awkward posting. Coming home through the forest was sloppy, and I was glad to be home in one piece. Back at the barn the sky was a brilliant blue with puffy clouds...guess I should have waited a couple hours.

But we both enjoyed the adventure. And I brought home my very wet saddle for a good cleaning and conditioning...

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