Wednesday, November 9, 2022

good boy Friday


my favorite picture
Losing them is so very hard. 

spring ride
My good friend C had watched her good boy Friday get more blind and deaf, and while he physically looked OK from a distance (he still had an amazing, glorious trot!) he was falling apart. We talked and worried about winter, and rain, and what if he fell, or spooked into someone he couldn't see and hurt them (he was never the bravest anyway, make worse by his failing sight and hearing).

camping and lake culbetson

local show

Folsom Lake

putting up with my shenanigans with his mini-me

so handsome on a camping trip
She did the hardest, best thing. She let him go on a beautiful fall day, before cold winter set in, and he did not have many bad days. He was Major’s best friend, and it is so very hard to have them gone. We had so many awesome adventures, and they are so loved.

adventure at blue hole


best friends


Friday, November 4, 2022

mea culpa


If there is anyone still out there, I'm sorry for my extended absence! I can't seem to get back in the writing groove. While Miles is coming along I fear that I lost something more of myself when Major died. I can't even put it in words, but I'm trying to push past it and get out on the trails, and remind myself to write about it!

amazing clouds along the river

low river at Avery Pond

hiking down from Cool
obligatory No Hands bridge photo!

This summer we had some really nice, even quite long, trail rides. Miles has NO problem with 16 miles Auburn to Cool, though we are not traveling quickly. He loves getting in the trailer, and has not put a foot wrong when we're out on an adventure. We drove into Hidden Falls and there were hundreds of goats next to the parking. I thought "oh crap, this should be fun." Miles unloaded, looked at the goats, and went to his haybag, "Whatever, there are snacks here."

hundreds of goats? no big deal.

Hidden Falls bridge

our buddy S and Rocky behind us on a ride
Home is another story, still! He is stupidly barn sour, and at some random point on a ride in the local forest decides "now" we've turned for home and gets stupid. We work on turning the other way, sidepassing, backing, one-rein-stops, big whoas, taking a different trail, etc. We also come home and ride in the arena, make him wait and not get put away after a ride, etc, but it is a serious work in progress. And he is super smart at figuring things out, but this one is a battle. If I can't ride consistently (there was a time in September when it was too hot, then smoky, for almost three weeks) it is back to square one.

huge new house along the trail

Beeks overlook view

But yesterday we had a nice five mile ride. And coming back he was stupid again, sigh. So I tried all the things and something clicked, we walked part of the way home very nicely! I did want to see if he tried a trot for a few steps, then walk, then repeat if that would help his anxiety. But instead he was a pogo stick and I decided walking was in my best interest to stay in the saddle!

last ride in daylight after work

waiting, not patiently…
So my update is nothing exciting, and maybe that is part of my reluctance. How many times can I write about training rides? But we also have been hiking, as when I'm not in the mood for shenanigans (I'm sometimes just too burned out after work to deal with one more thing) we take a jaunt into the forest. Lots to see and explore. Last week was a flapping turkey with (what appeared to be) a broken leg. Sadly I'm sure he became coyote food that night. Now there are some puddles from recent rain, a challenge at first but then he was reminded of his manners and marched through. 
fish toy fun!

arena trot

We have also been spending time in the arena, some riding, but mostly some obstacle stuff. He doesn't need to be ridden five days a week, but he needs work to keep his mind busy. He is very smart and in one lesson each learned to pick up the cone (for a treat), pick up the fishy inflatable (for a treat), stand on the manhole cover (for a treat) and put your foot on the big rock (for a treat.) Sensing a pattern here? Yes, he likes treats! I'm really hoping to get a book on trick training, any suggestions? 

My least favorite season has arrived. Darkness is descending, and riding after work gets much harder. But I'll keep on trying, and trying to write about it as well. Maybe I'll at least try for a photo a week, proof of life! On the home front Wesley is just so much fun, our latest game is chase and hide. When all the fun is done he reminds me that when things are hard a cat in your lap makes the world a better place.

watching for lizards

just chillin' on my concrete leaf

watching Wesley TV