Friday, December 10, 2010

rainy benefits

Rain all week, dark after work, I don't see many benefits. But Major does! The best part of his day comes when we go for a walk through the arena. I turn him loose, and immediately he makes a beeline for the closest barrel. On top of each barrel is about a 1/2 inch of what must be the most delicious, fun water ever discovered. First it is swished around on top, then it must be slurped, then licked up. After that the barrel is grabbed by the edge and tipped so any remaining water falls to the ground. The barrel is usually tipped so as it falls it falls towards Major...who doesn't care at all. Then the barrel gets kicked around a few times, before it is abandoned for the next amazing barrel and water discovery. One time last week he played, tipped the barrel over, and tipped it right back up into position! If he could do that more often, but instead I pick up the barrels later.

I love watching him doing this: he is obviously having fun, and he'll look up at me "see what I did!," wander over to check on what I'm doing, wander over to another barrel, repeat.

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