Friday, December 10, 2010

the wreath incident

I had a message on my phone the other day from a friend at the barn. Major got in trouble...but it was so funny she had to call and tell me. She was taking a decorative wreath to her horse's paddock. To get there you have to walk through Major's pasture. He came trotting up, and she thought he wanted to be pet (he's sometimes a bit of a pest "what are you doing, huh, huh??). Instead he zeroed in on that wreath...and grabbed hold! She politely asked him to let go...and he insisted on pulling harder and trying to run off with it! She pictured him running amok through the pasture, wreath flying, scaring the other horses and having a grand time of it. So she insisted he let go and he did, I'm sure a bit dejected that his fun was over.

I think I'll get him his own wreath, or some such playtoy. Might be a good holiday photo shoot!

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