Tuesday, November 30, 2021

catching up

When it's been so long that you don't know where to start so you wait even longer making the whole thing worse…(pictures of random pretty things just to break up the story)

So Mercury came home and settled in, but was anxious and into everything. I figured nice walks around the property, just asking him to listen, then some trail walks, would be a good start. He also had to let me brush him and pick him feet, not his favorite as he had to stand still! 

 Everything went well for awhile. Until it didn't. Mercury was very annoyed at me didn't want to walk on a lead like a real pony, and tried biting, and eventually on one walk he reared. I still made the bad mistake to get on, thinking it was OK (WTF? was I thinking) when he reared with me on him then bolted off. Oh boy, I looked for a nice place to land and decided that weeds and grass were better than trees and bailed. But kept a hold of those damn reins! Back at the stable we worked in the round pen, he had no interest in listening, and I decided I needed some serious help. The next day I called the trainer. She was great, diagnosed some big holes, and I had her take him. 

 I went to check his progress every few weeks, he did great for her, but damn if we weren't oil and water, still being so pushy and not liking my correction. I had to decide if this was a battle I wanted to fight. After a few months at the trainer, I decided I didn't.

I feel like I failed him when I asked the trainer to sell him. He was great for her and found a new home quickly, where he will mostly be a pasture friend for a few years till he grows up more. I think that is a good outcome. And what did I learn: don't make decisions on a new horse when you are still so sad over your old one.

And I'm still so sad. My kitty Wesley does make me smile! I keep busy with swimming and I ride my friend's horse and now have a short-term lease for the winter/spring (more on that situation in another post). I'm hoping that will help me out, spending time with a horse that is a pretty good citizen but just needs some rides. I just need more time, never enough time…