Saturday, December 24, 2022

happy solstice

glorious day after Solstice at the lake
Maybe Miles knew we had a few extra seconds of daylight. Or maybe it's the training, but either way I'll take a quite successful ride today! Trotting along the lake, big walk heading home, and only when I pushed my luck and asked for a trot very close to home did I get some quite sprightly shenanigans (quickly shut down).

the last of fall

trying to get home before dark (at 4:45pm!)

barn sunsets (at 5pm!)
I needed this ride. Seasonal craziness and not enough daylight all conspire to make me a bit, well, dejected. We've had some pretty good training rides in the last month, though we also had a 20 minute discussion about walking through a puddle. I succeeded and Miles did not die of getting his feet wet.
Miles and Beau, buddies

moss is delicious

Folsom Lake view does not get old
We also had a good adventure over in Cool! Miles had his friend Rocky along, an old sensible guy who still likes to move out. The trails were icy and muddy, but Miles pretended to be a most sensible pony for the day, even walking through all the water with no fuss.
Knickerbocker Creek

enjoying the trails in Cool
I am looking forward to more winter adventures, though we are expecting a lot more rain soon (of course on my holiday time off). We need the rain, and Miles is happy for the new green grass. Every extra moment of daylight will be savored, I hope you all do the same. Happy Solstice and all the holidays, here is to more adventures in the new year…
quite a tolerant elf

yes, see those ears and that look, there was some zoomies with the hat on!

Wesley and his best Simba impression