Monday, November 22, 2010


I admit I like orange. And it looks good on my horse. But I may have gone too far. Major's friends are probably making fun of how his mother dresses him.

My barn manager calls it his "Cal Trans vest."

This last storm has been very wet and cold (for Northern California). Temperatures are expected in the high 20s, low 30s for Wednesday. I'll keep his blanket on, it is just a waterproof sheet, for the extra warmth. He doesn't have much of a winter coat, though last year he was OK. But last year he had a friend to stand with, now he is in an individual pen at night. I know it is probably more about my concerns, but he also got a nice warm beet pulp mash last night, and slurped it right up.

The turnout is quite hilly, and Major has been climbing the hill and among the rocks like a goat lately. Now it is really slippery, and last night he seems a bit gimpy in his hock/stifle area. I am hoping he just tweaked it while playing around, there is no heat or swelling, so I'll give him a few days to rest and keep an eye on it. I know he hates being cooped up, but we're expecting two more days of rain then freezing. We did go for a handwalk last night, where we had to work on his manners.

Or maybe he was getting back at me for the orange pajamas.

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