Thursday, December 16, 2010

slip and fall

I knew the trails were slippery. And so I carefully headed out, down the road to an easier access. Through the gate, down to the tiny creek. Major started down the bank, put his head down to check the water...and whoa! Not sure how I stayed on as his back legs slid underneath him, he caught himself from falling and lunged out of the creek. He'd gotten pretty muddy, and I jumped off to make sure all was OK. Walked around a bit, everything seemed fine, so found a spot to remount and continued on. I'd just planned a forest walk, and that was all we did. It was a nice quiet hour or walking and a tiny amount trotting (after the first 10 minutes of scary!). The trails are so pretty and going green right now, Major keeps wanting to stop for a snack!

There was a recent good post by Karen Chaton about riding in mud, with some good hints and ideas, and there will certainly be a lot of practice in the months to come. Maybe 6 inches of rain in the next week, they're letting water out of Folsom Lake in expectation of the deluge, oh holiday joy...

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