Saturday, December 18, 2010

Major's view

"I heard my Mom's car drive up, and I looked over the fence to find her. She brings me good things to eat. I was in my house, but had been playing on the hill before all the rain came. I don't like to get wet. She brought me a carrot, just one! Then we went to eat my snack...but there was no snack! I wanted to walk over to the snack area, even if it was wet, but she made me keep walking. I tried to walk really slow and show her where we were supposed to go, but we had to walk down the driveway. I was getting wet. I wasn't in my pen. I didn't want to go. I walked really slow and looked behind me too. But she made me.

We walked down the road, I was wet, my head was wet, my Mom laughed at my crabby face. And said "blah, blah, blah, Major." then I tried some grass. It was good. Then some more, and we walked down to where there was some really extra delicious stuff. And I got to eat a whole bunch, mmmm, nom, nom, nom, I crunched grass so fast my mouth couldn't get enough! and then it was ok that I was wet. It had been my idea all along!

I wanted to keep eating grass all day, but Mom made me go back. But then my snack was ready! Mmmm, I love this snack. I eat it every day and still it is good. Today it was warm and mushy, my favorite way! I like to share some with Mom too, but she just stands far away till I am done.

It was still wet, and my new idea was to go stand inside again. This time I got to do what I wanted, and my dinner was already there! Wet days aren't so bad..."

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