Friday, December 31, 2010

last ride of the year

I should have known when I got to the ranch and Major was kicking up his heels running around the pasture. It was only 35 degrees, but he must like it. But he came to the gate, and we got ready to go. But he was in a mood.

Major seemed to be auditioning for a part in "Spaceballs the Movie," the part of Major Asshole. To the non-nerds, yes, that an actual character in the awesome Mel Brooks movie. But back to the ride.

I thought I'd check out the trail to Rattlesnake Bar, which we hadn't done since summer. Heading out down the road he was a bit silly, but settled and was great for about 3 miles. Then we saw other horses. And turned around for home...and his brain fell out. Jigging silliness, I tried all the tricks in my repertoire, nothing worked. So we went home the long way, but even the additional 4 miles didn't help. This ride also has lots more elevation, so we climbed 1000 feet and descended 800 feet. No matter.

So back home we worked in the arena. Trot, circles, cantering, cantering circles. And when I asked for whoa, just with my voice, he slams on the brakes like a cowhorse. sigh...

Not the last ride of the year that I hoped for, but I was just happy to be out, in the sun, on my horse. Happy New Year!

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