Tuesday, June 30, 2020

june about

I've been riding but not blogging, with the world dumpster fire everything going on it was all a bit overwhelming. So here, instead of a nice per-ride post, is a photo dump of June!

In the beginning of June we went to Poverty Bar. This is where the Tevis riders cross the middle fork of the American river. It is about 11 miles from the finish, and not crossable except on that day (as they hold back the water to safer standards on Tevis day). We had not done that trail for awhile, and Major was happy with all the trotting and cantering available on the long smooth stretches, me too! He was strong and happy for the 22 miles, I was pretty amazed at his fitness (and disappointed in mine!)

a bit blurry due to Major's inability to stop trotting, but green pretty!
poverty bar crossing, Major being camera shy
yes, that way is home, but still 10.2 miles away Major!

We don't often ride the lonely river canyon between Auburn and Loomis, there is no cell service and mostly cliffs. But Major loves it, because the whole time is "going home"! And the previous ride we had come back through too many idiots people, and I was not in the mood. So I indulged him, though we took detours down the river the opposite direction to take a little edge off before heading home! We've been working on it, and he was mostly very good (with some speed reminders) the whole way.

dry, but I still find it beautiful

oh look, a sparkly! (line from a favorite kid movie, Secret of NIMH)

why are you off? Dragging me to my death on babyhead (a type of rock) trail
don't ignore the "steep" part (we came down this time)
refreshing water way below
almost thwarted! Too large (more than 12" for my trail saw) got off and climbed the stupidly steep hillside to get around the tree. Thank you surefooted Major!
surreal empty boatramp at Rattlesnake Bar

And there there is Cool. A study in opposites, some trail is hot and exposed and rocky and not very fun. Then there are shaded oak trails and secret creeks. Somehow (because I don't pay enough attention!) I end up on the yucky trails. But this time I looked at a map and my GPS and explored the trails I hadn't done for a few years, a great scenic rim trail. We had Major's friend Friday along, and me and C circled around and about a few times, and did a bit in the hot sun, but was otherwise a good trip, just before the stupid hot temperatures arrived!


sorry Major, no horse access to this pond

fine, I'll play in mud then

cooling in Knickerbocker creek

no filters, red, hot dirt

In the first 15 days of June I rode almost 80 miles. I was trying to fit in regular work schedule, more riding (since I have more "free" time, hah!) and trying not to think about the state of the world all the time. It was too much, and I was pretty burned out. Luckily, a week long heat wave hit, and riding in 100 degrees is not my favorite. So Major and I rook almost the last half of June off, it was worth it. We took out a nervous re-rider, did one exploring the lake trail (mostly still underwater) ride and took it easy the rest of the month. (We did one last adventure in June, post to come, it was too pretty and needed a post of its own).

easy ride through flowery poppy field
I'm working on balance, like everyone else, and getting closer, one ride (or not ride) at a time.

Monday, June 22, 2020

monday moment: farmer

Because everyone might need a smile today:

Recent staging area conversation next to my trailer:

"Mommy, why is the farmer putting red shoes on that horsey?"

(The Mom was totally embarrassed, she apologized "She thinks you are a farmer because of the hat!" I really just thought it was funny!)

Hat in question.

Shoes in question.

um, excuse me, is my grain done yet?

Horsey in question.

Young child may still need some help with her colors on the boots…MAYBE they're a little red, I think they're pretty orange!

Saturday, June 13, 2020


“Bad men need nothing more to compass their ends, than that good men should look on and do nothing.”— John Stuart Mill, 1867

I stay away from politics and other personal stuff in this blog for a reason: it encompasses my waking life so much that I needed an outlet where I knew it wasn’t a point of discussion.

But sometimes silence speaks more. The silence of “my” organization, AERC, to not release an inclusivity statement is meaningful. And I didn’t want to be like that.

I don’t have the right words to say how powerful it has been to watch people rise up against racism. And how small it has made me feel, sheltering at home: the “like” button is not action.

I am a lucky white person. My partner is brown. I’ve seen looks and felt the eyes on us at AERC events as well as other places. Not many, but it is there.

Otherwise I don’t have much experience. But I don’t need the experience to know what is right and wrong in this context. Racism is wrong. Lots of other “isms” too, but those are for another day.

So silence is broken, like this country.