Tuesday, May 16, 2023


miles face says hi
what's up?
Incremental, steady progress does not seem to make me motivated to write. But some of our rides have been so pretty this (delayed) spring, so I'll try to catch up. The weather finally cleared (though some of the trails are still muddy mess) and we've done some local and other exploring. 

green trail
so. much. green.

miles in a little bit of pretty lupine
little bit of pretty lupine

boots somewhere under the mud
boots somewhere under the mud
The lake trail went underwater quickly, with all but a few lupine sections submerged. We went out one day to enjoy the lupines and spent twice as long coming back when someone was overly barn sour. But somehow his boots stayed on through his antics in the sucking mud! Miles has reverted to the barn sour behavior since we didn't ride from home much this winter. The first ride he was terrible. I figured out what works best for him is literally just turning around and going back, then trying again, staying totally non-concerned about the process. He has been improving and figuring it out surprisingly quickly.

Miles being a good pony horse
Miles being a good pony horse

Rocky and Miles surveying the arena
Rocky and Miles surveying the arena

We've even done some arena practice when my time is short. My friend S needed to learn to pony (for sweep riding). I hoped Miles knew how? I assumed he'd be fine and he was, though he certainly questioned why I was over in the corner?

run? no eat!

miles eating at the trailer empire mine
new place, let's eat!

miles drinking empire mine
new place, let's drink!

miles and francisco at trailer
no idea what he saw, he wasn't scared…
We went to Empire Mine with C and our new friend Francisco. First we let them in the arena, where they ran for about half a lap and figured out food was more interesting. Not surprised! We had a completely uneventful ride, the best kind!

happy 7th birthday Miles!

perfect birthday poppies!

Miles turned seven years old! I could not find the birthday hat I'd made years ago, so he just got some carrots and a photoshoot in the poppies. Which yes, he tried to eat. 

heading home as the skies got darker

underwater grass is delicious!

The weather has still been weird for here, as usually once it stops raining it is done for the next three months. But we've had some stormy and cloudy days, even in May, one ride I cut short as it was getting darker and windier and we got back to the stable, just missing the rain. Yes, I can ride in the rain, but I sure don't want to if I can avoid it! Some of the lower trail is accessible, and it is great water practice. Miles thinks it is best for playing with water, grabbing sticks, and trying to eat underwater grass. 

miles in auburn
does this human make my butt look big?

miles on no hands
suspicious and a bit cautious on No Hands
Our best rides have been in Auburn, where he knows the trails, it totally brave, and though he knows exactly where the trailer is from any trail seems happy to be out exploring. it probably helps we never take the same route twice! This time we introduced S and Rocky to No Hands bridge, though I sure wish she had gotten to see it before they covered the railings up with tall, tiny mesh panels. It looks terrible. (I got off and walked because Miles seemed a bit suspicious of it all, there was a lot going on the bridge that day, with people, barking dogs, running children, and a trail run support booth).

truck camper
new truck camper!
But some summer adventures are planned! And I will write about them, as I do like to document, for myself (though anyone who read this far gets a blue ribbon!) what we're accomplishing (or not!). We'll be camping in a few weeks, and I have a new-to-me truck camper, feels so fancy compared to sleeping in the back of the truck for the last 10+ years.

Miles hasn't quite let me find his "voice" yet. He is brave on trail and silly one-on-one, but also quite cautious and sometimes suspicious of new things/movements/people. Most certainly a challenge, but he is trying to hard to be a good boy, and that treat face, who can resist?

miles wanting a treat
after ride treat please?

miles posing
just posing
P.S. Wesley is so ridiculous he could probably have his own blog! But for now just an orange kitty enjoying the morning sun.