Friday, July 30, 2010

a grand mare is gone

The horse world today lost a great one. Molly was a grand mare. On her last adventure, she didn't make it. Some friends are camping, and all I know is that Molly collapsed and died in the night. Her owner is a great lady, who treated Molly like a queen, and Molly knew she deserved it. Molly was the horse you'd ask for to take a nervous new horse on the trail, or lead past a scary object. But she could move. A Missouri Fox Trotter who ate up the trail, loved to camp and explore, and had beautiful babies. Her last baby Glory is three I think, an image of her mother. Molly had quite the personality, and let you know when she didn't like something. Her owner kept her in line, but when Molly seriously questioned something on the trail, you should take note that something was probably wrong. Coming home from a ride she would grunt and groan like a dying plow horse, but she was just talking, maybe telling the horses they hadn't seen the world like she had. Molly was a school horse for part of her life, and I know many people who are saddened by her loss. I had the privilege of riding her a few times, and her rocking-horse canter was the best. My thoughts go out to her owner. Hug your horse, you never know.

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  1. Kerrie,

    What a lovely tribute to my magnificent Molly! Indeed, she was a great horse and companion. But I make no mistake, I was hers as much as she was mine. We two older girls were good for each other. We had lots of miles in the past 4 1/2 years that I owned her and I will miss her unique gaits, most especially that great rocking horse canter she had.

    Good Golly, that Miss Molly taught me so much and gave me so much especially a lovely filly whose registered name is Molly's Morning Glory.

    Glory will be 3 on October 1 and I thank God, I have her as a special reminder of her dam who has left some big "hoofprints on my heart" as she has on many who have known and loved her.

    Gratefully, Georgie