Friday, July 16, 2010

like we're kids again...

Took a nice ride with a friend today. She had never been on the trails to Rattlesnake Bar or Avery Pond, despite boarding in the area for years. The cliffs had always made her nervous. I love to show people places they’ve never seen, and taking out a nervous rider is no problem (I’ve been there myself in many situations!). She is a very good rider with a nice horse, who sometimes is just a little too reactive. He and Major had a nice time today.

When we got them out of pasture it was already 85 degrees, at 9 in the morning! Major was definitely not enthused about hitting the trail, but once out there, was a good sport. We mostly walked, some trotting, seeing the sights and new trail. Coming home there is a section of trail that is very overgrown and easier to walk on foot. Our delight was in finding all the ripe blackberries, not already munched by deer! We walked slowly along, eating blackberries after a lovely ride, when my friend remarked “it’s just like we’re kids again.” For those few hours we just enjoyed our horses, no other cares, eating blackberries off the vine, wiping our stained fingers on our pants, leading our happy horses along.

Horses and the time we spend with them can be many things: too exciting or scary, relaxing, exhilarating, frustrating and fun. But no matter what, for me, I can forget all the rest of my plans, my week, upcoming events, and be in the moment, just as the horses live their lives. I never did get to be with horses (despite begging) as a kid, and most times I sure wish I had. But now i’ll take advantage of every opportunity, to live in and share their moments.

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