Wednesday, July 14, 2010

change of plans

I am supposed to be camping in the mountains right now, exploring new trails, having more adventures. Unfortunately, my camping friend (and ride buddy) got very sick, and we're postponing. It was last minute, so I was packed, almost ready to laid plans and all that...

So, on Monday I stayed off of work (since i'd already gotten the vacation day) and went for a ride of course. It was nice, weather in the low 90s, breeze off the lake. There were seven rigs in the staging area, everyone wanted to hit the trail! Major was pretty fresh after a week off, but not that much different than every-day excitement. We had a super nice ride, following some of the same trails as last week's alligator sighting. The lake was a bit scary though, there were waves! Major did not know what to think of that. I am sure he has never seen actual moving water, we'll add that to the arsenal of projects.

The trail is hard-packed dirt with granite outcropping and knee-catching boulders. On most of it there is a beautiful view, a hill on the uphill side and a drop off to the lake. There are bushes (mostly poison oak) on the downhill side, so you aren't looking straight into the water (except in a couple places).To many this is a technical-type of trail, to me, it's the only trail i've got!

Major did question me when we got to our usual turn-off. I'd already decided we both needed the work to do the extra two miles, and when we turned that direction he was a bit unwilling. A few more steps down the trail resolved that, but I need to do that more often, hate a trail/barn sour horse.

In the next few days it is supposed to get exceptionally hot. Major may get a few more days off, or maybe we'll just enjoy a quiet evening ride, enjoying the shade of the forest.

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