Friday, July 30, 2010

friday ride

Bridge of Death behind Major's nose!
A new adventure. Rode with two riders from my barn, one who doesn't trail ride much, so kept it pretty mellow. I left them at Avery Pond, they turned for home, I kept going. Major barely even thought about them, so that was good. We had a grand new adventure, including the bridge of death. OK, Major thinks it was the bridge of death, I know it as the Mormon Ravine crossing. It is a rushing flow of water over a narrow, high-sided bridge. Got off to walk him across, a bit squirrely, bit not too bad (invading my space, must work on that). Rode for another two miles, was too hot and exposed, but nice views of the river. This trail would take me to Auburn in about 8 miles, but wasn't up for that today.

Heading home was the usual wanting to go too fast, but kept it under control. Coming up the bridge, you can hear the water rushing by. For about one second I entertained the notion of riding across, but in no time had hopped off to lead Major. He was more snorty, and half-way across the bridge of death he decided he'd had all he could take, rushing past me to get off the bridge. I truly did not appreciate being shoved into the railing, so we did some groundwork, and then led back and forth across the bridge, Major giving the water the evil eye, and me giving it to him!

The rest of the trip seemed uneventful, if you count deer busting through bushes and coming upon an adorable fawn and mother about five feet in front of us on the trail. Our average time home was fast, 7mph, mostly controlled. I have been asking to canter some, he has been very good with his feet, and not so good at listening to me to slow down. It's all a process, and we'll get there, though after the bridge incident I wasn't sure that I wasn't going to kill him. I'll be picking splinters out of my arm, he is out in the pasture after a nice bath and roll, munching away.

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