Monday, July 19, 2010

too hot

I know I could have been conditioning in the heat, but it was just too damn hot all weekend. Major was content with a vacation, I am glad I can give him some time off and not worry that I'll have a snorting dragon when it is time to ride again.

Tevis is 5 days away. I send my best thoughts to everyone competing, and wish I could be there to watch. Unfortunately I have plans this weekend, but have a plan that next year I'll volunteer to help and get a small feel of this amazing competition.

On Saturday I got to the ranch and did my usual whistle for Major. He usually looks up from grazing, but we're still working on actually coming to me with the whistle. Saturday he actually came across the pasture, and I met him at the gate with a carrot. It was probably because it was close to feeding time, but i'll take it!

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