Wednesday, July 14, 2010

product reviews

In anticipation of my now-canceled camping trip, I bought a pommel bag. I'd been wanting one, but just wasn't sure. The cantle bag looks nicer, stays out of the way, but it harder to reach into. I ended up with a Stowaway pommel bag, and when installing it was unconvinced, seemed a bit bulky. I am now a true believer. Two water bottles, snacks, emergency stuff, maps, carrots, it all fits! Being in front I also thought it would interfere with my hands, but other than the first ride, I don't even notice it. I don't have to contort myself around to get water, Major loves the sound of the zipper: "Does that mean carrot?"

I also recently purchased new stirrups. I was happy with my EZ Ride knockoffs, but thought with my increasing riding in trail shoes I'd be safer with cages. Bought the EZ Ride nylon stirrups with safety cage, they are quite comfy and ugly as sin. At least they're really lightweight, but only having one saddle, if I ever want to show I'm sure going to need to strip a lot of stuff off of it! All of my accessories may weigh more than my saddle now. Both the stirrups and pommel bag came from Action Rider Tack, I've been very happy with all their service and super fast shipping.

My latest addition on Monday were Wintec webbers. I had the Wintec slimline straps, but couldn't pass up a sale at VTO. The webbers were a pain to get on, and I really wasn't sure they would make all that much difference, and they don't. It is such a subtle thing, but every bit of comfort is magnified the more miles I do.

I think I've been happy with my purchases because I research them to the Nth degree, and only buy when I have some money (thanks grandma for still sending birthday money). One more (big) purchase is shipping: A Haf pad. I'll have to do a lot of testing to make sure I like it. My Thinline pad does it's job, but gets truly gross after a couple rides, and I'd really like something I can just hose off.

So much tack, so little time...

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