Wednesday, July 21, 2010


No destination, no plan, just a ride that ended up at Inspiration Point. Headed out on the trail, but first we encountered a large downed tree. Had to seriously bushwhack to get around, through branches, poison oak and weeds, but Major didn't take a wrong step. Once past that section, Major just wanted to canter. He was being good, but that was not the speed I wanted to go! I didn't have a destination, just wanted a short ride in the heat. Took a fun trotting trail where you have to weave through bushes and watch the footing and keep trotting till the very end, when I asked for a canter up a pretty steep hill: Inspiration Point. It overlooks the lake, where there were boats and beautiful blue water and (to Major's annoyance) no good grass to eat. So we didn't stay long, just enough to drink in the sights, and head home. He was a bit anxious to go home, so I took another trail, did some hill work, then headed back, now on a nice loose rein.

I took a minute to think about the progress we've made—it is too easy to forget about where we were almost a year ago, and to dream about where I'd like us to be, so I need to remember to enjoy what I have, what we've accomplished, and just get out and ride!

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