Monday, August 9, 2010

new ride

I haven't ridden much, life has been busy, and this past weekend I didn't get to ride at all. I hate that, but it was for a good cause...a trailer for Major! I truly put the cart before the horse, and bought a trailer before I have a truck, but that will come. The trailer seems huge, but when driving home it was parked between a giant motor home and a semi-truck and it looked tiny. It is currently sitting in my driveway where i'll clean it up, then it will stay at the stable. It is a Featherlite 2-horse straight load with a dressing room, really roomy for the horses, lots of nice features. When I finally get a truck, I imagine i'll be towing it empty for a long time to learn to safely drive it.

Having a trailer will be great for adventures, but also for any emergencies. I've found a million ways to justify buying one, and all the shopping and researching has been exhausting. Now just to find that truck...

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