Friday, July 2, 2010

friday ride

Having Friday's off this summer has been great. This week met up with friend Cheryl who wanted to learn to find the trail to Granite Bay. On the forest trails it is easy to get turned around, there are a lot of options. Showed her the simplest way, so hopefully she'll find the trail and be a guide for someone else!

It was great to ride with someone who follows the same rules as I do. We take care of each other, listen to our horses, and just have fun. It is different than when I am out alone, when I have a goal, but it is good. I really need to get Major out with more horses, and work on the other horse trotting off, etc. Cheryl and I both have things to work on, and together it is easier.

Both horses both lead and followed, at all gaits, and stayed very well behaved. It is good because I have to keep Major's trot a lot slower, but that is the speed I'm aiming for our controlled trot (I can actually post that trot!). Cheryl rides her horse in just a bosel, quite impressive. Her horse Dune sometimes likes to buck, but no bucks, a good ride, the horses split up fine when heading home, a good Friday ride.

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