Thursday, April 29, 2010


Too many potential purchases:
Blanket. Not for everyday use, but for trips where the weather might be very different from home (the mountains or beach). Just waterproof, fill or not?

Saddle pad. I don't think i'm going to like this thinline for long-term use. If I need the front shims, maybe Woolback with inserts? I have a black Cookback that I like. Maybe I should just try it first...

Bridle. I like the Beta one I have, but with his in-between size head (not arab, not horse) I hate how the sidepieces ride up so close to his eye.

Bit. Losing the battle sometimes hasn't been fun. I know he needs more training, but maybe a little more bit will help. Kimberwick? Myler combo (both have been recommended).

Saddle Packs. I need to have some supplies and a snack with me. In the summer I don't have anything with pockets, so need to find something that works. Stowaway?

Seat cover. Not sure if I need this, or if I'll like it. But the new nice saddle being leather and me riding in bad weather and fighting scratchy branches make me think I'd like the saddle protected and even more comfy.

On the dream list: trailer and truck! Yes, it would be great fun to trailer to far-off and close destinations and experience new trails, but really, being such a worrier, I'd really like it for emergencies. Even for basic vet maintenance, that farm call is a lot of the price (about 1/2 the price of my Spring vaccinations bill). Not many trailers at my ranch, except that of the owner, and I know in a true emergency I could use it, but not having options other times is tough. Of course, this expense does just sit there a majority of the time. I can't buy the truck without help from significant other, that's a big investment for anyone.

Then there are the little things I don't need: my halter is all faded and not as pretty as it was. My brush tote doesn't match anything. I can deal with that.

I am grateful to be able to think of these things right now. But having the emergency fund for the vet is the most important, I won't be using any of that money. Most of these things are eventualities, but long long term.

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