Monday, April 26, 2010

new saddle

The weather was spectacular this weekend. I didn't ride because of my ill-fitting Wintec. But yesterday afternoon the saddlefitters came, we put on my new saddle, it is so comfy! It had been a few months since I'd ridden in it, so I was a bit nervous. I'm used to nice sticky suede seat, but in the new saddle felt secure, didn't lean forward, leg wasn't swinging, all things I'd always had to work so hard on, maybe a lot of it was saddle fit and not me (well, some of it, I have plenty of issues). We worked in the arena, Major felt good, wanted to canter, and we were able to circle the arena both directions, which we had a hard time with before! I think we both felt good in the saddle.

I have a week to try it out. I'm hopefully going to get some good rides in, I really need to test it, check his back, see how we feel on the trail. I'm going out tonight, and hopefully a long ride on Friday. So far the only downside, now I have to clean a saddle and not hose it off...

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