Friday, April 23, 2010

blue skies finally

The last two weeks have been so frustrating. Spring usually comes and stays! Rain every few days doesn't make for good riding weather. It made the trails mucky again, my favorite trail is covered by the lake, I was in a funk. I'll ride in the rain, but then I had the added issue of Major's saddle not fitting. It had been fine, I think the increase in work has changed his back. So I'm not riding until I get my new saddle, even a short ride last weekend made him sore.

But good news, the new saddle is coming on Sunday! The great saddle fitters I used  ( have a used Arabian Saddle Company Solstice Endurance. When I rode in it a few months ago it felt secure, and was the best fit. I'll have a week to try it out (of course they're calling for more rain). Can't wait to seriously hit the trails again, I feel like i'm going through withdrawals.

Good luck this weekend to everyone at the American River Classic. That is one tough trail!

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