Friday, April 9, 2010

Hoof boots

Fun news with hoof boots! Major really hasn't need any, his feet are looking better and better, starting to grow some more heel and slowly decontract. He is a bit tender on big sharp gravel, but rocks, sand, dirt trails he's just great. I'm pleasantly surprised since his pasture is soft and irrigated, but I think all the movement with our rides is really helping.

I decided or order some boots now, trimmer didn't think his feet would change much more for awhile, recommended the Renegades for ease of use. Trimmer came on Tuesday, fitted the boots, they're fun orange and look great. Easy to use, Major didn't even care that they were on. Didn't get to try them out, need to do some fine-tuning, but am hoping to on a short ride. I really don't think i'll be using them unless we trailer somewhere or in summer when the trails get rock hard, but I know we need to ride with them, break them in, learn about any issues, etc.

I will take some feet photos as a baseline this week. It is hard when I go to the great barefoot sites and see those perfect hooves, Major is not there yet. But he is sound, they are so much better than they were, and it's a process. I have to remind myself that I try as hard as I can but my conditions aren't ideal (i'd love turnout on well-drained sand and rocks and acres of pasture to run in, i'd even love just pea gravel) but I do what I can with feed, care, riding, etc. Horse guilt, i know we all have it...

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