Wednesday, April 28, 2010

two weeks off and...

Monday I wanted to try out the new saddle, get a feel for it on hills, flats, etc. Did our usual 5-mile loop. He walks out really nicely in the saddle, freedom of movement in the shoulder? But it is so hard to judge if it is the saddle, or he just likes getting out! He did really want to go and move, a bit too much on one of the hills! We had to do some emergency braking action. I'm inserting random stops into the rides, it is nice to see how quickly he figures it out: I say whoa and we back up a few steps. Over and over...

The weather was brisk, it was windy and a storm was coming in. A few of the trails have been nicely regraded, a few new links put in, that was fun to discover and fun for Major to see (he didn't flinch except at a scary mud-hole off to the side). We scared up turkeys, deer and flocks of quail. Once I got home I unsaddled and checked the sweat patterns. It is so hard to tell! There is definitely an imprint from the thinline pad, I worry that it is too thin, i'd like to use my Coolback pad, but for this testing session i'll stick with what the saddlefitters gave me to try.

I did feel secure in the saddle, even through quick circles and jumping up hills. It puts my leg a bit more beneath me, which is nice. I think I could even drop the stirrups a hole. I'm going to give it another try today, probably not as fast, but for longer time. I'm so worried about any back soreness, there are just so many variables!

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