Friday, April 9, 2010

catching up

Some great spring weather, and then rain (but I was out of town), now beautiful again. Before I left town visited a fun local park. Not many trails, but very well maintained, a nice outing. Leaving the park is a great uphill gravel road, pretty long (1/2 mile). Just let Major trot up the whole thing, got the big extended trot, little attitude. Let's just say that was different than yesterday's ride.

I've ridden for 3 days straight, not too hard, but enough to make him think (I thought). Went out with a friend last night. The evening is gorgeous, put Major in behind (he can learn to deal with it) fine until trotting when he becomes an annoying giraffe. I thought it was great practice. My friends' horse got spooky at some silly things, I took over the lead. Major just wanted to go, full-tilt! Have to figure out a good way to rate him without hanging on his face. We went up big hills, tried not to jig down them, and ended up having a nice ride.

The lupine along the lake are spectacular, and indian paintbrush along the Pioneer Express Trail in full bloom. Lake is getting full, soon the lake/canal trail will be underwater for the season. This weekend an endurance run, in 2 weeks the American River Classic on that same trail. The trail between Granite Bay and Sterling Point, I sure can't imagine doing that in a ride/race. No passing, nasty rocks and dropoffs, watch for the poison oak. And ticks...had one crawling on my forehead last night, eewww!

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