Saturday, May 1, 2010

spring fever

Left work early Friday (with approval from the boss) to ride, the weather was just too perfect. It ended up being really windy, wind-tunnel type windy. People at the barn were warning about spooking and telling of scary scenarios...the ride was fine. They are much more fair-weather riders, and are great in the arena and jumping, things I'm bad at, but I want to hit the trail! Went out with a friend, rode to Rattlesnake Bar. The trail was slippery in places from the recent rain, so we kept is very slow, but that is fine with me. Major needs that kind of ride too.

On the way out Major was in front. My friend's horse was a bit jumpy, he usually is a little bit, and we like to keep his actions to a minimum. Major was bold and brave over rocks and bridges, next to cliffs, down by the water, all was good. Turned for home, both horses liked that! Put the other horse in front, Major didn't especially like that, and I spent the next 4 miles keeping him back. Obnoxious, and did manage to get too close and cause the other horse to kick. I felt terrible about that, I need to stay on top of Major, and not make other riders worry!

All in all a nice ride though. I was a bit uncomfortable in the saddle, I'm hoping because it was a longer ride in a newish saddle.

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