Monday, April 12, 2010


In the last month I've ridden 55+ miles (those are just the GPS trail miles), all barefoot, over some pretty tough terrain. Major's feet are looking better and better. I know there is plenty of room for improvement, but he is sound on all the trails we've ridden on, enjoying himself and I am happy with the growth i'm seeing.

As a caveat, I will say that taking photos of your horses feet with your iPhone is not the easiest task. Some of the shots are just the best angle I had, both in the February pictures and the new April versions. I'll hopefully get better at this (and use my real camera!) It is hard to hold the clean foot, juggle the camera, hit the the first set the ground was wet and he put his feet down, sorry for the mess!

February 1:

Comparing the two I can finally see the frog filling out, and maybe the heels decontracting a tiny bit. No deep sulcus any more (thanks to Pete Ramey's goo). I'm looking forward to more months of improvement.

April 10:

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