Monday, April 12, 2010

one fast ride

Saturday was...interesting. The weather that had been perfect all week turned overcast and windy. Not too windy to ride, I knew with the storm coming in this would be my last chance for a few days. Also, my main trail was being used by the American River 50 runners. Saddled up, warmed up by walking up the road, and off we went. Going out Major kept wanting to turn for home, trying to turn at every fork. At least he knows the way home! He was being spooky from the wind in the trees, i knew he was just being silly. Got out to the lake, just told him to go. We trotted everywhere we could (some places too rocky, blind corners, scary logs, hikers), he was nice and controlled, kept a good pace all the way to Beeks Bight. Once there we had some people asking questions, so we had to nicely stand while people called him "Trigger," asked if we'd escaped from Santa Anita and told stories about her sister's dressage horse...sigh, I really don't mind, but really did just want to ride!

Going home was the interesting part. I've had this discussion with him before: you can keep trotting but keep it controlled. OK, I lost that discussion. We had one section of 13 mph trot, glad he can do it but he is really not paying attention at that point. Still hate pulling on him, be he isn't unseating me, or trying to canter as often, so maybe a tiny bit of improvement? We were almost back (we'd redirected a lost runner), still getting attitude, so we trotted up a big steep hill...that helped. Got home, he's not even warm at that point, barely even broke a sweat. Need to do more aerobic activity and get a heart rate monitor.

Sunday I checked on him (in the rain) he was happy to eat his beet pulp under the shelter. But his back was sore! Damn! I think these longer rides are showing that the saddle doesn't fit that well. Today I emailed the saddle fitting folks, they have the one i'd tried out in February, so i'll be taking that on trial soon. Good and bad, that's horse life.

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