Monday, March 22, 2010

local arena ride

Went with a friend to the local arena, which is really big, and rode there. Major needed to be coaxed (with food) into her small trailer, but he trailers fine. Just testing me! At the arena it was great to be able to canter great big circles (we have a hard time in our smaller arena). I'm sure out of shape to be cantering so much! Rode on the small trail in the park, went into the steam, he was happy to do that. It was a good outing. My friend did have a good insight, that Major acts like a kid with his short attention span! He really tries, but can only do it for so long! Her horse (who is sometimes spooky) is 16, and really doesn't mind standing still, the things that Major was annoyed at hardly bothered her horse. Also found out they both like peanut butter and jam sandwiches...

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