Friday, August 3, 2012

and he's back

Major is back, and badder than ever.

Yes, BADDER. I know it's not a correct word, but it's the perfect description of our first ride back.

The vet re-xrayed and the splint looks "quiet" so I could start riding again. On soft ground, he recommended the arena for a couple weeks. Oh no, I hate the arena! But it will be good to hone some skills, or after today, relearn how to behave under saddle.

Major had been a good patient, quiet during hand-walking. The last few days had been a little pushy, quickly corrected. So I wasn't expecting silliness when I saddled and led him to the arena.

Got on and my stirrups seemed too short, which was weird, same place they've been for a year. Lengthened, hopped back on, just wanted to walk a bit, see how he felt. We pranced walked around, trying to stay on the rail and not veer all over like a drunken sailor. Only partially successful as Major was saying "I have no idea what leg means, oh move over? Ask again tomorrow."

Um, I don't think so. So he moved over. That time. Opposite leg? Same response. So we did turns on the forehand and hindquarters, sidepassing, till he remembered.

Thought we'd trot a bit. My giraffe horse had one speed, super fast, the acting-like-idiot speed. And tried to buck when he didn't like me on his right diagonal. Brat. There were many other words said too.

I don't think the four weeks off affected his fitness too much, though his girth had to be loosened a few holes. But he was SO fit, just having done that 50, and then nothing but hanging out in the pasture (yeah, rough life), that the attitude is just awful! I want my horse back!

Damn, it's gonna take some work. I think this forced arena rehabilitation is a good thing. Back to basics. With nothing else on my calendar, I've got all day Major, just deal with it.


  1. Sometimes you try to be nice and give them time off and they just get retarded instead. Hopefully he's back in fighting form soon.

    1. Exactly! I think he'll figure it out and remember... I hope!

  2. Sorry, and I understand! Falcon was out to pasture for three years though...had to be started all over. Hoping to ride again in Sept maybe!

  3. Oh dear. I was pretty surprised Desire was relatively polite on our first trail ride after 6 weeks off. I think she was just so damn glad to be back to work! She was much needier and more vocal than I've ever heard her though which was interesting.

    Snap back to it, Major!

    1. I was surprised too. I actually think he'd be better on trail, since he's happier out there, but arena work it is for now. I'll tell him you said to shape up!