Sunday, August 19, 2012

quiet (?) Sunday trails

Home early from a weekend trip, (gorgeous weather on the coast!) I headed out a bit later than I was hoping. While not expecting 100 degrees, a 95 degree high is enough to want to ride early!

I wanted to do a bit more, working up from the weeks of resting. Major thought that was a bad idea, and headed down the trail like a slug. Far enough from home, he finally figures out we're not going back and we trot merrily along. Still more walk than trot on the hard trails, but we explored towards Granite Bay on the lower canal trail. A big tree now blocks the trail before Beeks Bight, but in true trail-horse style we blazed around it. And trotted a bit before encountering THE MONSTER! Hiding behind a rock along the trail, the monster crouched in wait. For chubby ponies. Now Major almost never sees monsters, so this was serious.

As serious as a washed up log could be! Absolutely ridiculous behavior, and when snorting next to it Major seemed a bit embarrassed and we continued on. I took the upper trail not thinking, and realized I'd be stuck on it for awhile till I could cut back down. This section is SO hot, no trees just ugly shrubbery and sandy dirt footing. For miles. Ok, it only seems like miles when it's hot and you're up there.

As soon as we could we cut back to the lake. Yes, exposed and in the sun, but near the water it doesn't seem so bad. Again I worked on getting him to eat while walking. We'll do a slow walk on loose rein through delicious crabgrass. He won't even look at it. If I stop him and tap his head (head down cue, which he knows), he'll put his head down and eat. But the cue doesn't work while walking. And asking him to walk again he just takes his bite down the trail. So he can eat and walk. Doesn't mind eating with his bit in. Most horses you have to teach NOT to grab, but Major has to be different. Anyone else dealt with this and have any ideas?

We wandered into the lake, but were more intent on getting home. It was getting hotter and boats were loudly zooming around. And a low-flying airplane. I'm pretty sure you can't fly a plane 50 feet above a lake with people all over it, cool plane though!

Away from the lake the trails were actually quiet and lacking monsters, and home wasn't too far. Major got a good bath, all hosed off and cool, even his sweaty face. I led him over to eat some grass and dry a bit. But a few minutes later he rolled anyway on the way to the pasture.

Then he was behaving strangely. He walked up the hill along the fence line, and stopped. And walked another couple feet, and stopped. And again. Then I saw it: he was waiting for the rotary sprinkler to go around so he didn't have to walk through it and get wet. Once he stepped too close, and shook his head that had gotten wet. Finally the sprinkler moved on and he walked up to the water trough.

My horse is an idiot.


  1. So so jealous of the riding you have available out there. Wow. Postcard worthy!

    1. I think your area is pretty gorgeous too! But I do love the northern California coast, it's where I grew up and still feels like home.