Wednesday, August 8, 2012

doctor's orders

I tried. Yeah. Not very hard, since on the second day of doctor's orders I broke them.

I took Major in the arena, where he behaved himself, mostly. Remembered to listen to leg, no silly trotting, practiced for about a half-hour on poles and turns and listening. So I rewarded him (and me) by opening the arena gate and heading out.

All we did was walk up the road. But his ears pricked forward, his step got long and loose, and he was happy. We wandered into the open field next to the stable and I saw movement under a tree. I watched a bobcat jump and pounce on a huge ground squirrel! He dragged it into the open and held it for awhile, the bobcat not very large, the squirrel almost dragging the ground. Another squirrel was chirping and yelling, the bobcat held its prize and wandered off. A very good dinner. I didn't want to scare it, so we just went back to the road.

bobcat time lapse, carrying off some dinner
And just wandered to the staging area, where there was something amiss. A large pile of gravel has been dumped, and a tractor sitting nearby. Major was slightly suspicious, but of course I made him walk through all the gravel, and it looks like other people had been doing some desensitizing training with their horses too, many hoofprints. Major didn't like when he was so close he couldn't see over, and did giraffe neck and danced a bit. We walked around and headed back, our trail ride over.

Is is a volcano?
just gravel, but I can't see over!
Doctor's orders had just said build him up, try to keep on soft footing, no downhill trotting. So I actually don't think the 15 minutes walk up the side of the gravel road on the grass is a problem. I wouldn't jeopardize his health! But it does show my problem, that I seriously need help with, on arena work. I liked it when I had a trainer telling me what to do, or had group lessons, but by myself? I get bored too quickly and can't think of things to do. An endurance friend has really enjoyed her dressage lessons, which I'd like to work on as well. I was just a bit intimidated, since Major and I know less than nothing. She said the trainer was fine with that, liked working with beginners. I will go watch one of her lessons, and see if I think it could work.

Until then we'll muddle around the arena. I dragged the poles around, maybe I'll set up an obstacle course, others might like to play too. But the trail beckons, especially knowing the sandy lake trail is open. Soon.


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    1. I've seen them before, but usually running away. They are small (maybe 25-30 pounds) and harmless to humans or horses, and very shy, so I doubt they'd even come into someone's yard. But ground squirrels and bunnies would be fair game!