Friday, August 24, 2012

conversations with Major: I win

Hey Major, let's go somewhere.
No, I'm good. I'll just stand here in my pasture.
No really, let's go for a ride.
Um, not today.
Yes, today.  
Fine, here I come. Oh, you have a treat! Sure, I'll go somewhere.  

I'm so bored. Bored, bored bored.
Stop eating that.  
What? OK, no tree chewing.
I'll go finish getting your tack.  
Bang, crash!
What are you doing now!?
Then why is my tack box overturned, the saddle rack tipped over and you're chewing on a brush?
No I'm not.
You JUST dropped it.  
Wasn't me. It was the cat.
Let's go out on the trail before you cause any more trouble.  

Shuffle, drag, shuffle, shuffle.
Just walk please. No, no eating, we haven't done anything yet. Wait one second, I need to adjust my shoe.
Grab, munch, munch.
Knock it off, you can eat later.
But now I have something, I win!
You don't win, let's go.  

panorama from upper trail, lower canal trail on the left

Ooo, I like this trail. Let's zoom along.
Safely now, lots of exposed slippery granite.  
I'm careful.
Actually, yes you are, good boy. Stop a minute, we're going to go down there.  
But we're UP here, and heading home.
No, we're going this way, down to the lake. Just walk.
I don't want to, so I'm going to TROT!
Um, I said walk please?
I'm trotting, I win!
No you don't, circle and walk.
Damn. I still won there. I'm fast.

row of trees usually at the waters edge

We're going home, we're going home!
How did you decide that?
I don't know, I just THINK it!
We're not near home yet, knock off the prancing.  
We COULD be going home, maybe on this trail RIGHT HERE!
Circling back, we're not taking that trail, we're continuing.
Ha, I won, I turned! 
No, we're going the way I want.
I won for a minute.

lower trail, with hunting egret in the lake

OK, I think we should go home up this trail.
Here! Right here! Go home! Let's ZOOM!
Um, no. Nevermind, let's continue, attitude boy.
No, No, NO, we are going home that way, you said!
Fine, let's go back.
Going back, going back, I win, I'm doing my dance. Wait, we passed the trail, now we're going back the way we came. Not cool, NOT cool! Fine, I'll walk.
See, that's all you needed to do. Now we can home.
Yeah, home! I win.
We have to head home sometime, you don't win.
I win!

Prance, prance, jig, dance.
Knock it off.
But we're going HOME!
Yes, so behave youself.
Yes, you can. SEE! I think you're back to your old self Major, which Im glad for, but damn, you're annoying.
Who, me? NO I'm cute. And look at my dancing. I could enter a prancing contest. I could win!

See, we're home. After all the circles, backing and turning around, we got back like I said. It just took a bit longer, because you were very difficult.
I win!
What? We did LOTS of work and you had to finally listen and behave, mostly.
I win, because we're at home now!
But we ALWAYS come home.
I still win.

But you get a bath.
But my dinner is almost ready. It is soaking there, I can see it.
Nope, I need to clean you up, and you are going to wait until I put all the tack away.
But they are going to FEED me.
Nope, we've got some time. See, now you're back in your pasture, still no food. And so shiny, you look pretty.
What? What are you doing, trying to take pictures? I need to help.

waiting for dinner
what cha doing?

Now here they come with dinner, I'll see you later.
I'm starving! Dinner! Back in my pasture! I win!

I think I hear the dinner truck


  1. That boy needs another ride! He's certainly feeling full of himself!

    1. Oh, he was full of it alright! I'm taking him out tonight for 10+ miles to see if it helps. I was taking it easy, but he doesn't seem to have lost much fitness with his time off.

  2. Oh and Major looks so shiny and pretty! His crooked stripe is soooo cute

    1. the light was so pretty at sunset, nice and yellow (but not smoky!). His crooked stripe is pretty adorable. And even better there is a little black dot above his nostril, we call it his "Go" button!

  3. Hello from the other coast! Happy to find your blog - will be back. Major is adorable, (and a bit of a smarty pants) :D

    1. Welcome! Yes, Major sometimes wins and gets to write the blog, but usually he is too busy doing horse stuff so I have to do it... 8-)

  4. You've got me in stitches over here :)

    Great views too.