Friday, August 31, 2012

one of those days

I tried to leave work on time, but my client was late to our meeting, and when she arrived had a few design changes. Because the guy who shares her office knows some design stuff. Oh boy. I didn't go into my years of professional design experience, but showed her why it worked. She left happy, I left late.

Kirk watches over me at work, making sure I follow the Prime Directive

It didn't help that I spent the early afternoon fixing someone else's problem. But I was going riding, which is good.

Halfway to the stable I realized I didn't have my riding shoes. I wore sandals to work. Wait, I think my old ariats are buried in the back. Get to the stable, check, yes!

Change my clothes. Wait, no sports bra? Ok, I'm not that endowed, but I like some compression! I'll try it with the regular tshirt bra from work.

Saddle up Major, no issues, good. Decide to try the trail to Rattlesnake Bar. Hadn't gone that way for awhile, Major was interested in heading a new direction.

We have to walk part of the road, and as usual the cars can't seem to move over. Or slow down. Nice.

Major is a little suspicious of the trail, but I stop and eat some blackberries. Most are done in the area, but this little patch is well watered somehow. Yum.

Try some trot. Not quite comfortable, things are bouncing uncomfortably. And my feet are too hot in my boots. Suck it up, ride.

Major is really forward and happy on this trail. We cruise along nicely. It is so rocky and hard, I don't want to push it, so we go a bit and turn for home: prancy pony. It doesn't last long, we do a few circles even on the cliff trail. I think he senses this is probably not the day to mess with me.

dry forest, all the buckeye trees shriveled

Trotting along the trail, I duck for a branch, seriously hit my head. I see stars, instant headache. And am so glad I wear a helmet!

In the home stretch, take a small part of the lake trail. Trotting along when the log monster tries to attack Major. Lose my stirrup. Then do circles around log monster and even step over him.

But then find a nice grassy spot and relax.

Thankfully the rest of the ride is uneventful. At home Major's dinner was just made for him, so he gets to eat his mash while getting a bath. He is happy.

In the end, after the ride, I am too.

And I get back in the car, to see my riding sneakers peaking out from under the seat.

moonrise on the drive home, moonlight ride this weekend!


  1. Ohh mann, ain't that always the way. Well at least you got out there with your boy

  2. i plan to break the prime directive as often as possible in this culture. my german teacher said "it's becoming so americanized here in germany" and quipped back, "not fast enough." (i'm baaad.) i love the kirk photo!