Monday, August 13, 2012


People have called Sacramento a cow town. Opposing team fans use obnoxious cow bells during Kings games. It's the closest major city...and they may be right.

People here even ride cows. I'd only heard the stories, but today I got to see it for myself.

chubby boy finishing some breakfast
104 expected temp, but only feels like 99. Oh, yeah, that's better!

It started out a regular ride, we're taking it slow. It was early, to beat (some) heat, with more than 100 degrees for the last few days (and continuing, yuck). Major thought he needed to finish breakfast, and was not very motivated to head out. But once on the trail he was happy to walk, most of the time. Getting a little jiggy, I asked him to walk up a hill. He was happy to comply once he tried to trot in the nasty start thistle. Using vegetation as a training tool, not covered in most riding classes.

vegetation training tool

At the lake Major was more than willing to move out. Sometimes a bit too much, but it is his usual "Oh my! Oh boy! We're at the lake!" trot, which is just because of finally some open terrain with good footing. We had fun trotting along, and me trying to get him to walk and eat at the same time (still not getting it, all feet must stop before he gets a bite).

lake view, a very dry year

Heading up the big hill toward home, Major was getting jiggy with it, which he thinks is just fun, me, not so much. We were having a discussion up the hill (walk...jig...walk...trot...oh boy...) when we came around the corner to a woman riding a cow! Major stopped, but wasn't particularly alarmed. I was probably more nervous, my friends have encountered this pair and most horses have been very silly/scared of the whole situation. Usually I ride out strange situations, but with Major already being amped up, I decided to get off and face the cow.

I wish I had a picture, but I was too focused on my horse. The cow is actually a steer, a black and white longhorn (well, I'm not sure of the breed, but the horns are long, like 3 feet across). The woman riding him steers with reins on the nose ring, and said the cow was not very motivated. The trail was wide enough for her to step aside, and then turn towards us. Major was curious, not scared really, and mainly wanted to say hi and touch noses. The rider said the cow gets scared though, so we kept our distance. The cow is very cute, with a sweet face, only three years old.

They walked past and I took a quick photo as they were heading down the trail.

cow heading down the trail

cow butt
I was so glad to have so little reaction from Major. Maybe I got myself a cow horse.


  1. OMG! I just had my whole family (including visiting mom and nieces) cluster around the computer to read your blog and look at the trail riding steer! That is hilarioussss

    1. oh good, family entertainment.

      I found her website, check out all the pictures!

  2. A COW???? have you ever seen a cow RUN? I can't imagine riding one!

    1. I don't think it runs much, but I can't imagine a spook! Don't fall off on the horns!