Monday, August 27, 2012

better and worse

Luckily Major showed vast behavior improvement in our next ride. Went out with his good buddy Friday for an evening lake ride. A little excitement at the start when we encountered two baby bears (Oh, how cute! Wait, umm, where is the mama? Let's trot out of here!) and other than an I-want-to-be-in-front trying to buck episode, all was fine. We power-walked home on a loose rein, yeah!

"my" rock between Major's ears

Our next ride was not as good, as Major was with a new friend, Justice. Justice is a very flashy chestnut arab, who needs more time and miles. Friend B took him out for his owner, who is a little over-horsed. It was nice and chill out (Fall in the air. I know some like it, but I HATE it!) and of course windy out at the lake. We took it slow, just walking, because you can tell when the horses are in THAT mood. Major was OK, he is fine with wind, but we knew if I let him trot that Justice would just lose it and want to race!

So we waited and moved out faster back on the trail to Granite Bay. I think poor Justice didn't quite know what hit him, as he hasn't gone out much with a fast horse. Major put him to the test, though we kept it slower than our usual power trot, Justice just doesn't have the extended trot yet. He'll get there, though he is a bit spooky.

And it didn't help that Major was being an ass to him! Laying ears back, a couple times kicking out (completely NOT acceptable, seriously reprimand ensued). Major does not like new horses, and it is just a defensive position he takes (being low-man in the herd hierarchy), but it is not OK. Hadn't had the situation for awhile, reminded me to be alert.

Gee, other than the kicking, he was much improved. But add that in and the whole grade suffers. So not really better on that ride. It seems like a 30+ mile week is what it takes for some improving behavior. Major wasn't even sweaty or tired after 10 miles, I'd like to read up on horses keeping their conditioning, because he is fit and (a bit too) fiesty. A longer ride is in our future, but I think I'll trailer somewhere fun.

And a moonlight ride along the lakeshore is set for Friday! Looking forward to that adventure!


  1. Love your recount of the baby bears. That would have been my exact thought process. Haha!

    1. I was all ready to get out the camera and try to take pictures! They were playing about 20 feet away, at the trunk of a large pine tree. They've been in the area awhile, but it was the first time I've seen them!