Tuesday, July 31, 2012

all is fair

Every year the California State Fair comes around to Sacramento. And I think I don't want to go…and then I go for a few hours and it is fun. I don't like big crowds/unruly children/loud stuff. But the cool of the evening leaves the crowds at home, children corralled in the kids area, and the only loud part was a 1980s hair-band cover act which was pretty funny. ("Pour Some Sugar on Me" is still stuck in my head)

There is lots of junk food, which I amaze at: deep fried butter? Key-lime pie dipped in chocolate on a stick? Oh, chocolate covered bacon! My indulgence is a once-a-year funnel cake, powered sugar only, that's enough fried food to last me another year.

But it IS fun to walk around and see the exhibits. I like to start at the animals. This year my SO went early and walked through all the booths selling stuff, so I didn't have to (true love!). I don't care about special tupperware or sheets or tortilla warmers or magic lotion or fancy knives.

In the livestock area there are very few horses, just a few for demos, and they are in a separate barn, probably so people will not feed them their fingers. A mini-horse jumping (in hand) demo was going on, and a pretty team of Clydesdales came by. There were enormous long-horn cattle, actually quite scary how huge they are on their tiny pens. But goats, and baby piggies, only days old! So cute.

this guy liked being scratched on the head
stealth sheep costume (I know it keeps him clean for showing)
I love bunnies, raised them when I was a kid
After livestock (and a stop for giant ear of corn) there are buildings to wander though with art, displays, etc. In a building celebrating toys (called Toytopia) there were toys from every era, though of course I gravitated to the Breyer horses…and the video game corner (vintage Space Invaders anyone?). I was distracted by all the shiny things and didn't take any photos.

The counties building has a display from many (duh) state counties. Some are pitiful, they should have let some elementary students come up with something instead of a bureaucrat. They had a nature section too, of animals that could not be released due to injury. A bobcat slept away in the corner, hiding from everyone, but the bald eagle sat there grandly, with only one wing from an accident.

The art show has two very different buildings. One has amateur art, most done by students, much of it still very good (and much better than I could do!). The other building has professional art, most of which is great/interesting. The driftwood horse was pretty neat.

how cute, right?
Driftwood horse
But I WANT THIS! It is huge, the height of the entire building, and just glows from within. It is so cool. It is like all my favorite sci-fi brought to life.Wow.

Device for Creating Stars, Model A

After all the exhibits I'm a bit brain-fried from looking at everything. So that is when I get funnel cake. And wander back to the car, looking at random stuff, tired after walking 10 miles through the fair, glad to be leaving, but glad I came.

Didn't ride this year, but love any merry-go-round

Always ride the outside one that goes up and down!
Poor saddle fit? No turnout? This horse doesn't seem very happy.
Can I have a pony? Can I have a pony? Can I have a pony?
"see you later" says the totally creepy rabbit...haunting your dreams...


  1. Maybe this is weird to notice but why is the second team of Cyldesdales so much smaller than the front pair? That just seems odd to me.

    Also a super big fan of carousel horses. I can't go to a carnival without wanting to ride them. At least I've grown out of wanting to ride on the pony rides... sorta. I just really want to free the poor ponies and ride them off into the sunset away from a live of walking in circles. Anyways... =)

    1. I think the Clydesdales might be a weird angle, I totally see that now! The team was in nice shape/weight, not as big as the budweiser Clyde's I'd seen before.

      I actually usually DO ride the carousel, who cares that I'm way older than the kids! In this area there is an amazing vintage carousel in Santa Cruz, it is lovely.

      I didn't see the pony rides, but I feel the same. A boring life, but most around here look healthy, not such a bad life I hope.