Friday, May 7, 2010

it started out badly

This afternoon I was really looking forward to a good fast ride. I tacked up, started heading out, and another boarder ran up, telling me our barn manager had fallen in the forest and the horse was loose! That's one of the scariest things. You have to cross a road with fast traffic to get to our barn, so a loose horse is always scary. I made sure the barn manager would be OK, and headed right out on a search mission for the horse. Major and I trotted all over, I think he knew we had a mission, the horse was expected to come home in a couple particular places, so we searched that area. Luckily, after about 1/2 an hour, I got a call that they'd found the horse and everyone was OK. I sighed with relief, and after that just rode all over the forest, lots of hills, lots of trotting. I think Major was confused as we didn't have a destination, but he was good, it ended on a positive note.

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