Monday, May 3, 2010

may day ride

I thought yesterday was May 1, but no, I just can't read the calendar. So it wasn't a May Day ride, just a nice one. Took Major out with a new horse, good friend brought her mare, who was in heat. Major may have learned something by almost getting kicked on Friday's ride, or he knew not to mess with this pretty thing, but he stayed back and was a good boy. The wind was crazy again, and we were in the forest, with trees and bushes blowing every which way. The trail would be moderately calm, then we'd come around the corner to a blasting gale! Both horses didn't even seem to mind, but we kept it safe and stayed at a walk. The mare called a few time, I think Major was wondering what she was talking about.

My favorite is that the mare very nicely goes down hills, using herself well, nice and slow. Major was behind and had to do the same thing. I can certainly tell the difference between his usual scrabbling and me pulling on him and his nice downhill walk. Now that I know he can do it, I'll be sure to ask for that walk!

Only bad part, and it's a big one, is that Major's back was sore to touch (dipping his back) after our ride. Well, of course it's been more than a week, but I don't really care if I have to sell the saddle myself, I just want something that fits! I'll see how he is today, we'll do a quicker ride, need to get some energy out (of both of us!)

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