Sunday, May 9, 2010

long, slow ride

My plans keep being revised, but I really think it is all OK, we're both learning. I want to expose Major to many types of rides, so Saturday saddled up with another boarder and went to Granite Bay. She doesn't usually go that way (doesn't like the cliffs) but was willing to come along. Major can always take the lead in a scary situation, he is brave about things like that. It is a trail I've done before, about 11 miles round trip, usually takes me about 2 hours, with a break in the middle.

We rode for 3.5 hours...mostly walk, a very little trot. It was good for Major. He (and I) were a little bored, but rides like that are good for him (and me to learn patience). He had to follow, stay back, go down hills slowly, it was all good. Both horses behaved themselves, we encountered hikers, runners and other horses, mud, rocks, tight trails and got home all in one piece, That is a successful trail ride. This week we'll be back to our regular scheduled program, but it is nice to know Major can be a slow casual trail horse if the need arises.

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