Thursday, May 6, 2010

shiny orange renegades

Yesterday Major tried on his new boots. My trimmer came and did a nice trim, then helped me with the cables and straps. We'd done it once before, but had just tried them on, not fitted them. I think the orange is great, and we walked around, trotted as well, no issues. He didn't even seem to notice that he had something new on his feet (maybe because the farrier's daughter was feeding him carrots). For now, I really don't think I'll use them much, he is happy barefoot on the trails, but the trails are getting harder and drier, his pasture is beginning to be being watered, and the difference between the two might be too much. I'll definitely go on a few short rides just to see how they fit, make sure there isn't any rubbing, get everything set for the summer. I know some people look at the boots as a hassle, but I see them as just another piece of tack to learn about and use, and look forward to many miles!

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