Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the horrors of cows

Major got extra carrots on his birthday, even one on his beet pulp, and some nice grazing. Then I tormented him with a cow! There is a new little cow in the field next door, it was standing near the edge where we can walk. So I nonchalantly walked Major up, who was completely engrossed in trying to eat everything green in sight. Then he looked up and went into full Arab mode, snorting, tail up, prancing (he looked lovely). He was still respecting my space, so I just watched as he danced around on the end of the lead rope. Finally realizing the cow couldn't come any closer, he put his head down to suspiciously eat the weeds. If the cow moved at all his head came popping up! Now I'm contemplating evil ways to expose him even more to this horse-eating creature. Ha! Happy birthday!

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