Saturday, May 15, 2010

renegade boot testing

Friday I thought I'd do a short ride with the fitted Renegades, just to try them out. Major stood fine while i put them on, tightened them, and went into the arena. Tried them out in there for a bit, then went out on the trail. He'd been going on the side of the gravel road to avoid the big sharp rocks (it's not nice smooth rocks, but sharp shale) and he tried to stay to the side still, getting used to them maybe? Went out on the trail, into the forest. Went through the water (looked down to check the boots…still on) and short mud area (looked down to check the boots…still on). Picked up a trot, went up and down some hills (looked down to check the boots…still on)at the end cantered up a nice hill (looked down to check the boots…still on). The best part was knee-deep sucking mud (no, I didn't know it was that bad before we went in!). Boots still on!

Could have done a faster ride if I didn't keep stopping to check! But I was nervous, didn't want them to rub him, didn't want to lose my investment! Heading home Major was a bit of an idiot, do we did some work near the creek (not rushing, etc). We went into the water, back out, some spinning...and then I saw the boot just sitting in the trail by the water, he'd stepped completely out of it! Gaiter hadn't held it on, so I think I can make them a bit tighter. I'd been worried about over-tightening, but I think he stepped on himself while dancing around. Of course the boot was muddy, Major's foot was muddy, but I was able to get it back on, more on principal than necessity (we were less than 10 minutes from home). Major stood while I fussed, which I was glad for.

Back home we cantered in the arena with boots, then later had to hose all the mud and sand out of the boot and velcro. It's another chore, but didn't take that long, so not really a hassle. He seemed to move nicely, I think they'll be great for some rides on super hard ground or rocks, but hopefully most of the time he won't need them as his feet get stronger and stronger.

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