Monday, April 2, 2012

making lemonade

I'm not usually a "make-lemonade-from-lemons" type. I'm more the "brood-on-it-until-sick-with-worry" type.

But after a setback on Wednesday night, Major was improving, and I'm trying to get better about obsessively worrying about things over which I've done everything I can and have to wait. I am NOT good at waiting. I am not patient. I cannot finish a puzzle. I do not make lists. I just DO. And when I can't do, I keep busy and so I did a few things:

1. Spoiled Major rotten: He got extra mashes. He was allowed to eat whatever he wanted (even a couple flakes of straight alfalfa). He got taken on walks to the most succulent grass. He even pulled me over to where he thought the best grass was. Will I pay for this behavior later? Probably. Was it worth it to keep my horse healthy? Yes.

2. Actually watched some movies and TV: Went to the theater and saw Hunger Games (short review: the books were fun YA novels, the movie was less in-depth and could have used some more character development. I think trying to keep the rating PG-13 maybe dulled it a bit, though I understand, and I only give it a C+). On rainy Saturday I watched The Big Year, about obsessive birders and with a good cast. Very cute movie, nothing spectacular but silly. Rating: B.

Anticipating Game of Thrones, but I don't have HBO or high-speed internet at home (I know, what kind of heathen!) Like last time I got them all on DVD and watched a marathon, which was pretty fun. I just got the most recent season of Eureka, and will have a marathon at some point. Did catch up with The Good Wife, wow is that show good!

3. Dinner with friends: Eight friends and fellow riders (and a couple husbands, they sat at the kiddie table) got together to eat too much potluck and swap war stories. Good to see everyone, catch up on horses and lives. Everyone is doing something different, but we all can relate to stories about fun rides, or rides gone bad, or silly things they do.

4. Trail scouting: Officially a hike with SO, but this will be a great trail to go for a ride soon. Quarry Trail is part of Western States Trail, in the last miles near Auburn, scene of the final on-trail vet check. Trail is wide and pretty flat for at least five miles before intersecting with single-track again. From Auburn this could be a good 20 mile ride, with stream crossings and gorgeous views. In the summer it would be way too hot, but right now you could canter and trot along, I'm going to pencil this into my calendar. This time I just hiked and took photos, on a perfect Spring day.
just the first stream

stream crossing the trail

mossy stream

canyon view
this old railroad area has many industrial relics
me at the lunch stop, with rushing river

vultures enjoying the canyon updrafts
OK, kind-of funny, though unaware people drown every year. Standing...woah!...underwater!

hope to be riding soon!


  1. Okay, when ya wanna go? I can pick YOU up this time!

    1. You can't hide, I know who you are! 8-) Let's see how Major does with coming back from his illness, then hit the trails!

  2. YAY for Major feeling better! And what a beautiful section of trail, something that Tevis riders can't really appreciate either (at 3 am in the pitch black dark, lol!)

    I laughed at the drowning stick figure too.

    1. I was thinking of riding it in the dark, at least it is a pretty clear section of trail! I'll do it during daylight hours, thank-you-very-much!