Sunday, April 22, 2012

all day ride

It used to be that going to Granite Bay was an all day ride.

Today it took an hour to get there and an hour back.

The trail was a total of 9.7 miles, all technical singletrack. Major didn't lead much, his big trot is just too fast, and Ziggy has a great medium trot (we'll get one someday, I hope!). Friday is such a good horse and just goes along with whatever we do, though sometimes a bit quizzically (Why are you having a fit Ziggy? Why are you a prancing idiot Major?)

At Granite Bay Major got to snorkel in the water trough, up to his eyes, holding his breath and then blowing water on me, splashing everyone. Though when C splashed back he thought that wasn't fair...too bad, you started it.

Going home first Ziggy's brain fell out, and Major lost his in the lake. The going-home dance was silly, but everyone settled down and it was a good fun ride.

It'll be my last ride until I get to the American River ridecamp on Friday. I'll probably try to get in a relaxing (?!) ride after vetting in. I'll have to see how it goes. I'm as prepared as I can be right now, trailer is mostly packed, snacks (horse and human) are bought, now just to get through the week!


  1. LOL yall will do GREAT. Don't sweat if you don't feel like riding after you get your camp set up - I rarely do the Friday post-vetting relaxing ride. Do what you think will relax both of you - if that's riding, great; if it's sitting in a camp chair drinking a beer and watching him eat hay, that's great too.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! I'll see how it goes... I think relaxing for Major would be trotting back to home (since its 5 miles away!) I don't drink... I think
      I may need to start... 8-)

  2. Woohoo, you'll be fine! Be confident in your training and your horse and don't be afraid to ask questions!