Saturday, April 21, 2012

spa day

Major was pretty miffed about getting a bath, even if it was more than 80 degrees today.

Oh my god, I can't stand still, there is water, and a puddle, aaahh!

You know Major, you look a bit like a drowned rat, pretty pitiful, your tail is so wimpy.

What kind of pep talk is that? Were you listening?! There is water, on me and on the mats, with white foamy stuff, I think it's going to eat me. SNORT!

You don't care about anything on trail, but for this you come unglued?

It's on me! Get it off! Oh, you brought in reinforcements...

B helped me hose Major idiot off, dancing around. Then he had to stand and dry a bit.

I had to stand, tied! I was itchy, I wanted to roll!

Don't interrupt, it's rude. Then he got turned out in the arena, where the clean lasted about five minutes before he rolled. And then walked around eating the weeds.

I was guarding the perimeter.

Really? Why'd you harass me for my pear core?

I thought it looked dangerous, wouldn't want to leave litter behind.

Is that why you munched it up with a dorky look on your face and tried to slobber on me?

No, the slobber was for giving me a bath...

(you can take really unattractive pictures of cute horses, see!)


  1. Your poor horse! My poor horse gets it today, soon as I quit being lazy. ;) Nice camelface at the end!

    1. Pictures or it didn't happen! Dixie probably even looks good sopping wet, her mane and tail are so pretty. It IS camel face, that's perfect!